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Monday, May 29, 2006


When I lived in Phoenix, AZ. my first husband Don and I had decided to buy a house. I had gotten in a car accident and had just received $5,000.00 from the accident. I was OK but we did lose the van and my son was hurt a little, but nothing to bad. We had picked out this house in the suburbs of Phoenix and they were going to build it with all of the extras that we wanted.

Don and I had gone over to check out the progress on the house on several occasions and every time there was this one really cute guy working on it. I had always worn a tank top and a pair of short; shorts and this guy would always be checking me out. I would always try to let him watch me and when I was sure he was watching I would run my hands over different parts of my body, like squeezing my ass checks or rubbing my tits so he could watch. Don and I caught him as he was going to his truck for something and Don asked if he could put a 36" door in the side of the garage. He said that he couldn't do anything that wasn't in the original plans.

Don showed me where he wanted it and one day when he was at work I went over to the house. Now don't get me too wrong, Don did tell me to take a case of beer over. Don wanted me to get the carpenters to put in at least the framing for the door and to let me know exactly where it was so he could cut out the opening after they were all done and then he could put in the door himself. Well being Phoenix in June it was pretty hot so I didn't wear much. A pair of shorts made out of terry cloth and they were pretty loose and real short no panties underneath. A halter top that was really too small and no bra. My 36D tits were barely covered and when I slid out of the car my ass had been sweating and the shorts were stuck up in the crack of my ass.

There were three guys working on the house that day, one on the roof, one in the soon to be kitchen and the cute one putting siding on the outside of the front of the house. I pulled into what would soon be a driveway and the cute guy working on the front of the house looked over at me with a wicked grin. I got out of the car and went over to him and asked if he could do me a favor. He said sure what ever you want, and had this smile on his face. I proceeded to remind him about the door and he said that he thought we had already discussed that and he didn't think he could do that.

Then I told him that I would make it worth his while. I had brought some beer and I would show him exactly where we wanted the door framed in and that was all they had to do as Don would put the door in later. He told me to go get the beer and that he would ask his boss who was in the kitchen if they could do it. As I walked to the car to get the beer I heard him yell for Jack, must be the boss. I opened the door and bent over to get the beer from the floor in the back seat. While bent over I reached behind me and stuck my finger under my shorts and pulled them out of the crack of my ass.

I just knew that they were looking and if they were they would have seen that I didn't have any panties on and they probably could have seen my pussy. As I stood up with the beer they were both directly behind me and were asking if I needed any help. Now I knew that they had seen me pull my shorts out and that they had seen that I didn't have any panties on. I told them no I can get it. Let's go in the garage and I will show you where to put the doorframe.

With that the three of us went into the garage where at least we were out of the hot sun. I had a handkerchief tied around my neck and when we were in the garage I untied it and started wiping my face with it because I was sweating so bad from the heat, sweat was almost dripping from under my tits. I wiped down between my tits and pulled it out between my tits under my top. As I pulled it out my top came up and my tits jumped out. Oh well I said and started wiping under them. I was really sweaty and hot.

Jack said why don't you put one of these cold beers under them and cool your self off a little. As I took a beer I opened it and said why don't you guys lick some of the cold beer off of them and poured about half of the can on my neck so that the beer ran down both of my tits and my stomach. They tried to not let any of the beer get away. They were sucking on my tits in seconds and licking up the beer as fast as I poured it. I pulled my top off over my head and they really went after my tits. One on each of them, sucking at my nipples and licking all over my tits. Squeezing them with both hands and sucking at my nipples. I was going so wild with these two guys sucking on my tits that I didn't even hear when the guy that had been on the roof came in.

He must have seen them and decided to take advantage of the situation. He came up behind me and in one swift jerk my shorts were down around my ankles. The guys sucking on my tits pushed me back into his arms and they carried me over to what was going to be the step up into the house where they sat me down and pulled my legs apart. One of them poured some more beer on me, only this time, it was all over my pussy. Jack knelt down between my legs and started sucking the beer off of my pussy and licking my clit so fast that I just knew that I would be cumming soon.

The cute guy that had been in front of the house had his pants down around his knees by now and had positioned himself so that I could take his cock in my mouth. The guy that had been on the roof was pulling his pants down and so was Jack. Jack and the guy from the roof picked me and turned me over without making me lose my grip on the cock in my mouth. Jack got under me and slid his cock into my pussy. God it felt so good, being fucked by Jack and having this other guys cock in my mouth. Then I felt more beer being poured on me. It was running down the crack of my ass.

Then I felt a finger push into my asshole. Then two, then just as I was about to cum the fingers were pulled out and I felt the guy that had been on the roof stick his cock head at the opening to my ass and push into me. At first it hurt like hell, but soon the pain subsided and I relaxed a little. As I sucked on the cock in my mouth I could feel the cock in my pussy sliding in and out and then the cock in my ass started going deeper and deeper. Soon all three cocks were pumping in and out of me and I was bouncing to meet every thrust. The guy in my ass and Jack were timed just right so when they drove into me at the same time there balls were touching and they were pushing my mouth all the way down on the cock in my mouth.

I started cumming and couldn't stop. Then the guy in my mouth started shooting his cum in my mouth and he pulled out enough for it to hit me in the face. His cum ran all over my fore head and down my face. then both of the other guys started shooting their loads into me. They both shoved in as deep as they could and I could feel there hot cum filling both my pussy and my asshole at the same time. The swelling of their cocks filled me so nicely.

I will never forget how good it felt to be so filled up. I was back to sucking on the cock at my face and licking his balls. I just kept sucking and bouncing up and down until I felt the cocks slid out of my holes. When I finally slid off of Jack they other guys were pulling up their pants and then Jack got up and did the same. I just laid there for a few letting them look at me. Then Jack said where do you want that door? So I got up grabbed my shorts and top, put them on and showed them where Don wanted the door. They put a mark on the concrete where each side of the framing was going to be with some yellow chalk. Then they said that they would do anything that I wanted them to do for another performance like that. I told them that I would ask Don if there was anything else that he wanted them to do.

That night Don and I went over to the new house to look at what had been done and sure enough there was framing right where they had said there would be. Don was a little suspicious as to how I got them to frame in the door but I only told him that I had brought the guys a case of beer. I asked if there were any other changes that he wanted and he started making a list.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Danni's Awakening

Danni is a voluptuous 21 year old redhead with firm 36” tits, long legs and flaming red hair that reaches half way down her back. She adores sex and often when we are making love she openly fantasises about rape, exhibitionism, gangbangs etc. I must admit, the thought of stripping her off in front of other people and then watching loads of well hung men fucking my beautiful girlfriend would make me cum harder than ever.

One night I decided to make her rape fantasy come true. Danni dressed for work as usual in her smart two-piece office suit under which she wore her favourite black stockings, suspenders, bra and a flimsy white blouse. This wasn’t unusual, as she hated panty hose and tights and with the jacket securely fastened she looked like your everyday smartly dressed business woman.

She always parked the car in the multi storey across the road from the office so it wasn’t difficult to find it and using the spare keys gain entry to disable the engine. Then it was sit and wait. Danni had already told me that tonight she would be working late and as the hours ticked away the car park emptied out until only six or so cars remained. As I hid in the stairwell I heard the familiar click clack of her high heels as she finally headed towards the car. She tried several times to start the engine but with the HT lead firmly in my pocket it was going nowhere. Eventually, cursing loudly she locked the car and headed towards me.

My heart was racing as I pulled my ski mask over my face, what if she screamed and somebody came? What if the security guard found me in the act? Suddenly she was there. I leapt out behind her and placed a hand over her mouth. Holding a blunt knife against her throat and disguising my voice I told her not to make a sound or I’d kill her. She was shaking from head to foot as I led her towards the ally at the rear of the car park. Halfway along there was a deep recess used for the rubbish bins providing adequate cover from anyone walking past. I tied a scarf over her eyes and pushed her roughly against the wall. “One noise bitch and I’ll cut your pretty little face. Undo the jacket.” With trembling hands she fumbled for the buttons. “Well now, white see through blouse with a black bra, what sort of woman wears that huh, you some sort of closet slut?” “N-n-no, I wear it under my jacket,” she replied, her bottom lip trembling with fear. “P-p-please, don’t hurt me, please.” “Lift your skirt.” Her hands went to the hem of her skirt but stopped after only a couple of inches. “Please mister, I’ll give you money, anything only please don’t make me do this.” I placed the knife against her neck. “Lift the fucking skirt.”

First the stocking tops came into view followed by the black straps from the suspender belt contrasting nicely against her white thighs. Finally a cute pair of transparent black panties showing her neatly shaven mound. She held the skirt round her waist. “Oh yes, very nice,” I said running my hands up her legs and across her pussy mound. She shuddered involuntary. “Take it off.” She removed the skirt and stood with her hands by her side. She was still pleading but now they had turned to little whimpers as she realised the situation was useless. She looked so good standing there like that I wanted to fuck her right away but keeping to my roll I made her remove the blouse. “Well, what have we here, a little slut all dressed to fuck.” She looked fantastic even though I’d seen her like this many times before. The thought that some one might walk past and see her had me harder than ever. I ran my hands all over her body, kissing her ears and neck before making my down to her amazing tits. I scooped them out of her bra and for several minutes I sucked on the hardening nipples. My hand was cupping her pussy mound through the thin material of her panties, just gently rubbing across her smooth shaven cunt.

When I eventually dipped my finger into her cunt she was soaking. “Well now, what’s this?” I said holding my finger under her nose. “Looks like you’re enjoying it. Do you want me to fuck you?” I put my hand back into her panties and started work on her clit, something that simply drives her wild. Her whimpers had now turned to moans and her cunt was flooding my hand. I kept bringing her to the verge of an orgasm before stopping. Each time she would thrust her hips forward searching for my fingers to finish the job. “Tell me and I’ll let you cum. Do you want me to fuck you?” I rubbed her little nub even harder and bit down on a nipple. The old tell tale signs told me she was rapidly approaching her orgasm. Her body began to shake and she was thrusting her mound against my hand, pushing harder and harder; her breath coming in short gasps, her head thrown back, eyes closed. “Tell me or I stop, do you want me to fuck you?” “YESSSS, oh God yes, don’t stop, anything, anything you want just don’t stop.” It hit like a hurricane and I had to put my hand over her mouth to quieten her screams. I had never seen her cum so hard. Her panties were drenched as I removed them and my hand was covered with pussy juice.

I turned her to face the wall, leaning forward at the waist, legs open. I’d bought a 3” penis extension and placing it over my six inch cock I rubbed the head of it up and down her crack making her moan again each time it brushed against her sensitive clitty. “Is this what you want slut?” “Yes, oh please, just fuck me, hard, I want it really hard.” I rammed in hard knocking the wind from her lungs. She was so wet I could hardly feel anything and the rougher I fucked her the wetter she got. I wanted this to last so holding still with my fake cock buried to the hilt I started to tease her. “You married?” “No, I’ve got a boyfriend though.” “Oh yeah, is this better than your boyfriend’s prick?” As if to emphasis the point I pushed even deeper. “Yes, oh yes, it’s so much bigger and harder.” “You like big hard cocks don’t you slut.” “Yes, I love them.” “If I was your boyfriend I’d dress you like the whore you really are and parade you round the streets letting men touch you and wank all over your face, would you like that slut?” “Oh yessss.” As she answered her cunt gushed all over my cock again. “OK slut, kneel and open your mouth, I’m going to fill it with cum and you’re going to swallow it, understand?” I guided her to her knees and quickly removed the cock extension. The sight of her kneeling there with her big tits heaving out of their bra and pussy juice running down her stocking covered thighs had me coming in no time. The first jet missed her mouth but covered her left cheek, the next few squirts found there target and by the time I had finished her entire tongue was coated with spunk. “OK slut, now let me see you swallow it.” With an expression of satisfaction, she swallowed the lot before licking her lips clean.

I pulled her to her feet and had one last feel of her tits and cunt. “Did you enjoy my cock slut?” “Yes,” she replied without hesitation. “Do you want it again?” “I, I don’t know.” “Listen slut, I’m going to be waiting for you same time next week. If you want it you leave your jacket, skirt and blouse in the car and walk to the stairwell in your sexy undies, understand. Oh yeah, I know where you live so if you call the police I’ll come and get you. Now, count to 100 before you take of the blindfold.” I slipped quietly away back to the car and replaced the HT lead before heading for home.

I was trembling by the time I got there both from elation and fear. It was the most incredible fuck I’d ever had and I’d never known Danni to cum so much. Her admission that she liked a bigger cock really turned me on and the thought that she wanted me to take her out and flash at other men made me hard again. As I languished in the shower waiting for her return I started to doubt the sanity of my actions. Supposing she was in the police station now reporting the rape, or still lying in the ally deep in shock. I dressed quickly and was about to go find her when she entered the flat. “Hi Hon, your late tonight,” I said trying to make my voice sound calm. “Yes, we um, we had to work late.” Pecking me on the cheek she headed for the bathroom. “Just going to take a shower,” she said locking the door, something that she never did. All that evening I waited for her to tell me about the ‘rape’ but she said nothing. When we eventually got into bed and I tried to touch her she pushed me off saying she was too tired from all the work that day.

Over the next few days I replayed the event in my mind and came to the conclusion that she really had enjoyed it. Our sex life improved no end with Danni demanding I fuck her harder and deeper, in-fact she was like a bitch in heat. I couldn’t wait for the following Monday to see if she would let a complete stranger rape her again.

I borrowed a friend’s car and parked where I could see the stairwell just in case the place was crawling with police. This time there was only three cars left as the familiar sound of her heels echoed across the concrete floor. In the dimly lit car park I watched as she unlocked the car and threw her handbag on the front seat. She seemed to stand there for ages just looking around. Several times she stared directly at the stairwell before scanning the car park again. My heart was in my mouth. With one final sweep she discarded her jacket, skirt and blouse and dressed only in high heels, stockings, suspenders, bra and panties she made her way towards the stairs. I nearly came in my trousers. I reasoned that no way would she be doing this if the police were present so donning the mask again I crept up behind her. “Well, well, looks like the little slut wants some more prick.” She smiled and just stood there.

“Get your tits out and play with them,” I ordered. She scooped both tits from the confines of her bra and started to tease the nipples, all the time looking at me. “Now the cunt, and make it real juicy bitch.” Her hand went immediately down her panties to her smooth pussy, her fingers already making slurping sounds. “Tell me what you want bitch.” “I want your big cock again.” “Where?” “Anywhere, in my mouth, up my cunt, anywhere you like, just fuck me.” She was close to coming. “You like playing the slut don’t you?” I said grabbing a nipple and twisting it roughly. “Oh yes.” She came hard again, this time flooding her own hand.

I was filled with mixed emotions. On the one hand I was more excited and randy than ever at the power I held over this beautiful woman while on the other I was mad as hell that she was submitting herself to this total domination by a complete stranger. “Take the panties off and lean over that rail.” She slowly and seductively lowered her cum soaked panties down her stocking covered legs, looking straight at me as she stepped out of them. Then, she leaned over the stair railing, legs spread wide, her pink wet pussy glistening in the dim light. My prick felt so sensitive as I fitted the cock extension that I was afraid I’d cum prematurely. As before, I lubed it up by running it up and down her crack before slowly feeding it inch by inch into her hungry cunt. “Ohhhh yessssss.” She hissed, pushing back hard. “Fuck me hard and deep, like last time.” I slammed the rest into her and fucked like crazy. Even with the rubber sheath I could feel her cunt spasm around my shaft as time and time again she came. I reached round and grabbed both nipples, pulling mercilessly, stretching them as far as they would go. “Oh God!” She pushed back hard as she came again. I suddenly realised that this time she was not wearing a blindfold, I couldn’t let her see my cock so I had no choice but to cum in the sheath. Fortunately she was so wet I don’t think she would have felt it anyway. Pulling out, I told her to wait two minutes before turning round and slipped back to my parked car. Sure enough, two minutes later and the scantily clad figure of my well used girl friend made its way back across the car park to her own car.

I arrived home to find her in the shower. Again, nothing was said but if anything she seemed even more randy and demanding. One night as I lay with my prick buried between her legs I decided to go for broke. I pulled out just before she came and throwing some leather thigh high boots and under the nipple bra at her told her to get dressed. At first she was angry and demanded that I finish the job but when I told her I would finish it outdoors a sparkle appeared in her eyes and she put the gear on in record time. Covering her near naked body with a long coat we headed for the car. “Leave it open,” I said as she reclined in the car seat. “You kinky old bastard,” she replied smiling. It was dusk outside and I was hoping that people would look in as we pulled up at traffic lights and junctions but it seemed that the whole of England had suddenly gone blind. Then I had another idea.

“Play with your cunt, show me what a slut you are.” With a wicked gleam she spread her legs and set to work on her cunt. I reclined the seat further until she was almost horizontal. The coat fell open exposing both tits which were further enhanced by the push up bra and her long legs encased in black leather. She now had two fingers up her moist hole while rubbing her clit with her other hand. Suddenly I saw it. A bus shelter set in a lay-by with a middle aged man sitting alone. With Danni reaching the point of no return I pulled up next to the man and with a push of a button opened the passenger window. “Excuse me.” The guy got up and leant down level with the window. He was about to say something when he saw Danni, still working frantically at her sloppy pussy. She too had opened her eyes and now found herself staring at a complete stranger. The moment was priceless. As the guy released his throbbing member from his trousers his eyes took in every in inch of Danni’s sexy body, from her tits jutting up from the bra to her naked exposed and very wet pussy. As Danni frantically worked her cunt so the man fisted his cock. She was so close to coming that nothing was going to stop her and without taking her eyes from the mans face she brought herself to a shattering orgasm just as the first jet of warm creamy liquid shot from his prick and landed on her tits. Several jets made it into the car, most of them landing on Danni. As the man squeezed the last drops from his wilting prick I pulled away.

“Christ, that was fantastic,” said a breathless Danni, busy rubbing the mans spunk into her nipples. After a few miles I pulled into an off road car park and released my cock. Without a word, Danni discarded the coat and kneeling on the passenger seat leaned over and took my cock into her mouth.

It was now getting dark outside the car and as she blew me I realised that the passenger side window was still open. I was about to do it up when I saw movement in the bushes near by. A man was standing in the shadows blatantly staring at Danni’s exposed cunt. I beckoned him over and using sign language indicated that he should stick his finger up Danni’s cunt. At his first touch she froze solid. I placed my hand on her head and pushed gently down indicating that she should continue. To my surprise, she worked even harder taking me deep into her throat while pushing back onto the unknown finger. I don’t know how many fingers he had up her cunt but she was grunting like a pig as she thrust back onto them. Twice she came, taking her mouth of my cock and screaming obscenities. “Fuck me, I need some cock, just fuck me.” The guy removed his fingers and opened the car door, the interior light illuminating the scene. She shuffled back until her arse was level with the door opening and I saw a pair of black hands grab her hips. “Urghh,” the guy pushed forward burying his cock into Danni’s willing cunt. “Oh god yes, yes oh yes. God it’s so big.” For a short moment she forgot my cock as the guy plunged into her cunt. She was crying and whimpering with pleasure as he ravished her hole. I grabbed her head and forced her mouth back onto my cock just in time. She clamped her lips round the shaft and sucked every last drop out of me. It was incredible. As I was filling her mouth, the black hands moved to her dangling tits and pulled on the nipples. The sight was so erotic I actually came some more. I could feel the guy slamming into her causing her to cum almost continuously before he too started to grunt that he was coming. “Oh yeah baby, here it comes.” He seemed to cum forever and Danni came yet again as he emptied into her. The black hands returned to her hips as he pulled out and before she could turn round he disappeared back into the bushes.

We drove home with Danni playing with her cum soaked pussy with one hand and my hard again cock with the other. We just made it through the front door before she pulled me onto her. “Christ I need a good fucking.” I entered her sloppy cunt and ploughed away. “So, did you like your first black cock?” I asked. “BLACK! Oh fuck.” She came so hard it took weeks to get the stain out of the sofa.

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